Lleco will find the right investment for you aiming to benefit from the expansive growth of the tourism industry in Crete.

Invest in the Luxury Tourism Segment of Crete, Operate, and Sell with a high ROI

Right Timing

Here to help you profit from the booming luxury tourism sector of Crete.

A properly structured and realistic business plan to invest in the Luxury Tourism Industry put together by 3 of the top leading companies in the market, not only in Crete but also in the whole of Greece.

After 15 years in the tourism industry, Lleco has managed to gain significant experience and develop a strong network of selected partners leading to the creation of a targeted strategy for a successful investment action.

With developments already started and being completed in 2026, now is the ideal time to invest in a hidden gem of the Mediterranean which is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.


Member brands

The Lleco Group consists of 3 of the leading companies in the field of Tourism Investment.

Loguers Logo
Hotel Sales & Marketing

Within the top-5 Sales & Marketing consultants for hotels in Greece; with more than 120 hotels in 20 destinations.


Etouri Logo
Vacation Rental Management

A leading vacation rental company fully-managing 230 luxury villas in Crete.


Loggia Logo
Software Development

Software studio having developed the leading Vacation Rental PMS for Greece & Cyprus; used by more than 6K properties.



Generated annual revenue for our partners

Specialised know-how; awareness of competition; market and amenities requirements; knowledge of what travellers ask for: these factors will be the key to your next investment in the luxury tourism industry.

Since 2007 we pioneer in the tourism industry with innovating tools & services.

60% Complete

67% Annual Growth


Leading Vacation Rental Management

Etouri is the leading vacation rental company in Crete (and 2nd best in sales across the whole of Greece). Currently it is the most wanted vacation rental company in Crete working with only 10% of the villas available due to its highest standards and provision of a 24/7-guest support and concierge service.

Collaborators range from international TV shows (ex. BBC) to high fashion brands (ex. Giorgio Armani) hence building a brand that will ensure the operational success of your project.


Awarded for Sales & Marketing Performance

Loguers is the largest Hotel Sales & Marketing consultant in Crete and within the top 10 of Greece.

The company has been awarded for its services in both “Hotel Sales” and “Multichannel Marketing Strategy” at the Tourism Awards. This know-how will create high annual sales for the project and secure the ROI.

Business Plan

Financial analysis, viable investment plans

Hospitality Management

Sales and marketing consultation


legal and procedural advisor


identification and evaluation

Project Management

with strict supervision and tight schedule

Business Operation

with high return of investment

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